Decent housing is described as a house that is secure, fire proof, weather proof, durable, sustainable, not overcrowded and dignified. Secure meaning it has doors and walls therefore keeping the tenants safe from thieves and at times even animals.

Fire proof meaning the building materials used are not prone to catch fire and as a result lead to loss of lives in the event of a fire outbreak. Durable meaning the building materials used should be long lasting thus removing the need for constant repairs and renovations or sometimes even rebuilding of parts of the house. This also makes the house cheaper in the long run because the renovations and repairs costs shall be incurred, The house can be made sustainable using solar power to light and heat the house as well as through recycling of waters used in the house. Not overcrowded meaning the house or building should have enough space and therefore not lead to situations where children are too many in one room or even situations where children of different sex aged 10 years and above have to share a bedroom and where rooms such as kitchens and living rooms are used as bedrooms.